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Entries from December 2011.

RSA recommends to turn off Selinux

From Dan Walsh's blog I got the LOLWTFFAIL of the day: famous security company RSA recommends to have Selinux turned off in order to use their product.
Really? Really??! Yup, really.
Let's not forget RSA and fuck-ups can go well together. Take this for example:

Oh, and they still use "netstat" to generate entropy for their crap products... years after we've had /dev/urandom ... By now even the chickens are laughing.


Libreoffice repo for EL6

For those people who wanted to use Libreoffice on their EL6 workstations there weren't many options; basically you had to download a tarball from and `rpm -ivh` the contained rpms manually - not the best way to have it installed and relatively painful to keep up to date.

But no more - I've been backporting Libreoffice for a while now from Fedora and you're free to use it!
Also, recently I noticed there are RHEL conditionals in the spec files. For those unfamiliar with RPM building this means Redhat is probably getting ready to include Libreoffice in their enterprise distro.

I don't know when we'll see Libreoffice in EL 6 officially but I know it won't be in v6.3. Until then you can use my repo - it should gracefully upgrade existing stock installations:

To install do the following as root:

rpm -ivh
yum install libreoffice

To upgrade from stock

rpm -ivh
yum update

To replace Libreoffice installed from the official rpms:

yum remove libreoffice\* libobasis\*
rpm -ivh
yum install libreoffice

If you run into issues feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line: rpm @

Stop using Godaddy

There's more and more bad stuff I keep hearing about Godaddy. So please please take my advice and stop using them. Here's some reasons why:
- They're Microsoft arse lickers: link.
- The owner is an elephant MURDERER: link.
- They support SOPA, the infamous piece of legislature that's going to fuck up the Internet, at least a good part of it: link.

There's also a heated Reddit debate about Godaddy and Sopa: link.

If you're looking for an "honest" registrar, I've had a pleasant experience with Gandi.

Later edit - Here's a tutorial on how to move from Godaddy: This tutorial shows how to move to Namecheap - which oppose SOPA, but under the circumstances I'd really try not to host anything in the USA.