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Cloudstack 4.1.0

A couple of days ago the Apache foundation has released Cloudstack version 4.1.0 which brings a lot of new interesting stuff:
An API discovery service that allows an end point to list its supported APIs and their details.
Added an Events Framework to CloudStack to provide an “event bus” with publish, subscribe, and unsubscribe semantics. Includes a RabbitMQ plugin that can interact with AMQP servers. Introduces the notion of a state change event.
Implement L3 router functionality in the Nicira NVP plugin, and including support for KVM (previously Xen-only).
API request throttling to prevent attacks via frequent API requests.
AWS-style regions.
Egress firewall rules for guest networks.
Resizing root and data volumes.
Reset SSH key to access VMs.
Support for EC2 Query API.
Autoscaling support in conjunction with load balancing devices such as NetScaler.

Looking forward to testing it.
Download from here:
The original announcement here:

PS: one can use this for a simple deployment: