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Install Skype in EL6 (RHEL 6/ Scientificlinux 6/ Centos 6)

UPDATE 14th August 2014: Microsoft has released a new Skype version, - you need AT LEAST this version to be able to login any more as they seem to have changed something in the authentication process. It is available in my repo, grab the latest from here:

UPDATE: For Skype 4.0 instructions click here.

I used to have here some instructions on how to get skype installed from official RPM, then overwrite the binary with a static one to get it to work etc etc - quite a PITA. Now you can just install an RPM[1] to get the same result; so, if you have my repo installed (nux-dextop) just do:
yum install skype
If you do not have my repo installed:
yum localinstall --nogpgcheck ./skype-
All of the above needs to be done as root, obviously.
You may want to browse for newer skype rpms; who knows what will happen next to the linux client. It has always sucked in one way or another, I can't see it improving now that Microsoft has bought them.
If you run intro problems with this RPM let me know at rpm at ! Thanks.

[1] - Thanks Russian Fedora repo, it's their package actually!