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Entries tagged "startrek".

Borg alert ring tone

Now that I have a genious phone, I wanted a proper, geeky ring tone for it. I finally managed to get one.
It took a little Audacity-ing around, but voila:

Download from here.

For those who have recognized it, yes, it's from StarTrek Voyager, the "contact" alert in the Borg Cube. For those who haven't... well, now you know.


Star Trek is so very much current - "I don't like what we've become"

I was watching the other day Star Trek TNG, "The Drumhead" episode and I just couldn't believe how current their problems are
(I'm talking about the whole ACTA/Surveillance/Spy/Censor the internet stuff and not only).

Enjoy a bunch of scences and some epic acting from Patrick Stewart below:

I highly recommend you watch the whole episode (and the whole series). :-)