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Spotify, Spotify...

Today I wanted to give Spotify a try as I have heard they released an alpha native version for linux.
However when I went to their site to download the client I got this:
So how do you get it? We’ve packaged the first release as a Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 10.04 package.
Wait, what?
Since they don't release any source code you'd think they could at least release some generic unpack & run packages so everyone can use it...
Spotify, If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well!
Anyway, I converted those deb packages to RPM using alien and you can download them from here:
I installed them with the following command:
#rpm -ivh spotify-client-qt- spotify-client-gnome-support- --nodeps
They appear to install and run, however I cannot login (maybe because I use the free version of the account[1]):
$ spotify 
04:15:40.619 I [offline_authorizer.cpp:156] Unable to login offline: no such user
04:15:42.801 I [ap:1387] Connecting to AP
04:15:42.829 I [ap:937] Connected to AP:
04:15:42.894 E [ap:3285] Connection error:  406
04:16:04.565 I [offline_authorizer.cpp:156] Unable to login offline: no such user
04:16:05.492 I [ap:1387] Connecting to AP
04:16:05.506 I [ap:937] Connected to AP:
04:16:05.586 E [ap:3285] Connection error:  406

[1] - Yes, their offer is very good and affordable for most people and many dickheads in the music and film industry should learn from them, however they have no excuse for not releasing a decent linux client. The day they do that I'll seriously consider to pay.