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RedHat 6

Wow! RHEL 6 is out now!!
Thank you RedHat & the Fedora community!
How does it compare with older RedHat versions? Find out here!
Can't wait to get my hands on Centos 6! Its building has already began!

ScientificLinux 6

Apparently the people at CERN & FermiLab have rolled their sleeves, too, as there is already an alpha iso available for download:
For those who don't know, ScientificLinux is Centos' less popular brother (born from the same mother - RedHat), built by and for the people at CERN and FermiLab.
Exciting times!

More reliable than Microsoft, More open than Oracle, More comprehensive than VMware

Why Fedora/Red Hat?

Sometimes people ask me why I prefer Fedora/RedHat to other distros. Well, this guy wrote an answer better than what I usually come up with: