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Entries tagged "partitions".

Re-read partition table in Linux

Tonight I needed to clone some HDD. After the cloning finished I wanted to inspect the partitions on the new drive without rebooting (sheer laziness); I obviously couldn't, the OS wasn't yet aware of the new partition table.
To make the OS aware of the new partition table you have 2 options:
1 - reboot
2 - use partprobe or blockdev (--rereadpt).

Good luck! ;-)

You have not created a bootloader stage1 target device

I was getting the error in the title when trying to create a custom partitioning layout in Fedora 16. Apparently it needs this partition to boot off GPT labelled disks.
What you need to do is simply create a 1 MB "BIOS Boot" partition at the beginning then continue with your desired layout. I hope Anaconda people will be able to make this error message more meaningful as all this GPT stuff is rather new for a lot of users. Ta ta