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The first Mandriva fork?

So it begins...
There is rumour around about forking Mandriva.
If you are not living in a cave, you must know that Mandriva (one of the oldest GNU/Linux distros and one that pioneered Linux as a desktop OS) has been through a lot of financial problems and many people left the company.
Given the above the community is more and more unsettled and there seems to be some desire to start a fork.
More details here, and if you don't speak French here's a Google translation.
We're living interesting times. Personally I'd be delighted to see all the Mandriva communities combine forces and keep the distro alive.

Mandriva is forked!

So it happened, a Mandriva fork is on the way and its name is Mageia ("magic").
Curious about how Mandriva S.A. shall respond to this; also curious if this fork will actually prove useful and produce anything (other than dividing the current Mandriva communities).

Mandriva is alive and kicking!

Apparently Mandriva is alive and kicking... and they have big plans!
From a desktop point of view, Mandriva intends to be the BEST KDE DISTRIBUTION IN THE WORLD:
easy to use, stable, rich featured and with excellent localization.
Read the whole post for more details.

Mandriva 2011 preview

Wow, Mandriva 2011 preview! Get it while it's hot!

ROSA 2012 Marathon

Update! - In the meanwhile Rosalab have officially announced the beta:

Right; it's been happening for a while but now there's this web page that kind of makes things more "official":

To quote from that web page:
"ROSA 2012 Marathon is a LTS (long time support) release with guaranteed security and software updates for 5 years. Based on Mandriva/ROSA 2011 repositories with lots of improvements and updates. It is recommended for Enterprise, SMB and SOHO which do not need the "bleeding edge" technology, but require stable software and ability to work for a long time without reinstalling the system. This is the first release completely built using the ABF system."

So it looks like Rosa Labs, the Russian group behind most of what's happening now at Mandriva S.A. has got enough of shareholders dicking around and forked the distribution? It would seem so.

Mageia has a step sister in ROSA now, the newest Mandriva fork. Or is Mandriva slowly being renamed to ROSA? Things are getting interesting again.

By the looks of it the distribution is still in testing but the nightlies look at least usable; there's no final release date yet.
Here are some download links for the testing ISOs:

Use on your own risk, there's no official announcement yet.

Rosa Marathon 2012 LTS Review

Just found out that my friend Florin has written a few words about Rosa 2012 this week, I know Marathon is not yet released officially (he was messing with the dev snapshots), but it's worth a read. If you're following Mandriva related stuff this might be of interest:

Rosa-users mailing list is now open

ROSA Linux is letting us know that their first public English mailing list is now OPEN.

Feel free to go and register.

This should be a nice addition to their English speaking forums.

Good bye, PLF

We say good bye to one of the last remnants of the old Mandrake world.

Several days ago Guillaume Rousse announced the PLF project that has provided qood quality RPMs for Mandrake/Mandriva for so many years is officially dead.

Hello, dear PLF mignons.

The last package release announcement is now 15 month old, and the last message posted on -discuss mailing-list list is 18 month old, so it's quite safe to consider PLF project officialy dead now. 
As is moving to a new server, I'd prefer to avoid useless efforts such as migrating unused resources...

At the end of the week, all project mailing-list will be closed, and the package repository set read-only. The web site, and the mailing-list archives will stay accessible at usual address.

It was a great adventure, thanks you for your support.

It was indeed a great adventure. So long and thanks for all the fish!