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MPAA & AiPlex websites attacked from low orbit

Is it the Klingons? No. Is it the Wraith? No. It's the P2P "pirates"!
Last week the good people at MPAA and AiPlex got themselves an early Christmas present and got attacked by the "anonymous internet". I cannot but grin, as in (a very satisfied) GRIN :-D
Yeah, I know it's childish and all but still...


More details here.

Nice to see my country in a "good" top for once

Usually when I see my country in a top it's usually about poverty, corruption, bad things generally.. Not this time. This chart is about something rather important considering the times we live: internet speed.
Connection speed by country:

Connection distribution whithin the countries:

Too bad the rest of the country doesn't do as well as its internet backbone...
Stats curtesy of Akamai via the swedes at Royal Pingdom.

This is fuckin big: Sunde working on an alternative to ICANN

This has definitely made my day, no - my week, actually this makes the whole year look better:
A small tweet turned into a lot of interest.

We haven’t organized yet, but trying to. The background for this project is that we want the internet to be uncensored! Having a centralised system thatcontrols our information flow is not acceptable.

By using existing technology for de-centralisation together with already having a crew with skilled programmers, communicators and network specialists, an alternative system is not far away. We’re not going to re-invent the wheel, we’re going to build on existing technology as much as possible.

There will be a press release shortly with more details.

If you’re interested in talking to us, we’re at the IRC channel #dns-p2p on EfNet.
Good luck, Sunde!

How about making it work first?

I stumbled upon this recently:

All I have to say about it is:


Hey Rich, since you're so willing and able, how about making my lousy 10 Mbps Virginmedia pipe stay at 10 Mbps and not go down at 2 Mbps whenever I download something for more than 20 minutes?



512k routes ought to be enough for everyone

Today someone announced some more IPv4 classes on the Internet, nothing new here, but this meant the global routing table has exceeded 500k entries (501,525 as we speak).
This has caused a lot of very popular Cisco router models to go belly up because their default value for the IPv4 table size is 512k which in this case was not enough to hold the global table.[1]
Here in UK I noticed a lot of companies had problems, from smaller ones like Coreix to bigger ones like BT, the impact was pretty large. I imagine this problem was felt globally.

This default value can be changed easily[2], but it requires a reboot of the router which in the network engineering world is a big thing as it is one of the most critical pieces of infrastructure; everyone should plan their maintenance windows accordingly.

[1] - Theoretically the table should hold up to 512k entries, but the memory is not exclusively used for it, some of it goes to IPv6, some to maintaining various sessions, MPLS etc, so it crapped out at around 500k.
[2] -