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Entries tagged "freebsd".

Remount a partition in FreeBSD

Today I needed to remount the /tmp partition on a FreeBSD box, however without even thinking I typed:
mount -o remount,noexec /tmp
That obviously didn't work, cause it's a "linuxism".
What I needed to type is:
mount -u -o noexec /tmp
And voila!
It's a small, crappy tip, but the first results from google on the subject return incorrect ways of doing this.

Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

I am SO going to LOVE the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD project!

Colin Percival no longer Security Officer for FreeBSD

Because I still don't have a proper RSS reading system in place I almost missed this. Here goes:

On the 21st of June Colin Percival, FreeBSD's security office for the past 7 years has announced on this blog that he is stepping down from this position due to time constraints involving his day job.

From this dark, cold and forgotten corner of the Internet galaxy I wish Colin all the best with his business and thanks for all the fish[1]!

[1] - Thanks to Colin we have had a pretty secure FreeBSD over the years, a great ports management utility - portsnap, a very secure backup service - Tarsnap and of course scrypt! Also, people enjoying FreeBSD on Amazon's cloud thingy also have Colin to thank.

Virtio drivers for FreeBSD

KVM is quickly becoming the de facto standard in virtualisation (dodge this, Vmware!) and today to make the experience even better I stumbled upon _binary_ virtio drivers for FreeBSD.
(copied here, just in case)

Thankfully virtio drivers have been available in FreeBSD for a while now, but you had to compile them as they are not included in the base operating system yet.
This is a good example of how to do it: btw.

I'm looking forward to official FreeBSD with virtio drivers in the standard base OS.