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Handy tools - Fedora paste

echo This is quite handy | fpaste
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Would be nice to see this ported on every distribution; should be trivial to do it.

Fix Flash sound problem for Fedora 14

And here's how:

Allow the local user to install and update software without root password

This tutorial is for EL6 and possibly Fedora (12, 13, 14 etc); not sure if it will work on other distros.

For my personal laptop or even work station I don't see a reason to require the root password to install or update programs from trusted sources (i.e. repos from which we imported the gpg keys). In order to allow the regular user to perform such actions we use PolicyKit. As such we need to write 2 new pkla (PolicyKit Local Authority) files:
vi /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/10-pkgkit-pkginstall-policy.pkla

and copy/paste the following:
[Let All Install Packages]

This will allow all users to install new programs either by using pkcon or its graphical counterpart gpk-application.
In order to update packages we need to write a new pkla:
vi /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/10-pkgkit-pkgupdate-policy.pkla

and copy/paste:
[Let All Update Packages]

That's about it. Now you can use pkcon install blah or pkcon update as a normal user. Alternatively you can use "System > Administration > Add/Remove software" or "System > Administration > Software update".


The difference between Fedora and Ubuntu

For me it could go down as this - in Fedora the Terminal is a System Tool, in Ubuntu it's a mere Accessory. :-)

* Obviously I'm referring to the Gnome DE menu and the Gnome Terminal application.

Why Fedora/Red Hat?

Sometimes people ask me why I prefer Fedora/RedHat to other distros. Well, this guy wrote an answer better than what I usually come up with:

You have not created a bootloader stage1 target device

I was getting the error in the title when trying to create a custom partitioning layout in Fedora 16. Apparently it needs this partition to boot off GPT labelled disks.
What you need to do is simply create a 1 MB "BIOS Boot" partition at the beginning then continue with your desired layout. I hope Anaconda people will be able to make this error message more meaningful as all this GPT stuff is rather new for a lot of users. Ta ta


Yesterday I needed to migrate a very old dns server running djbdns/tinydns on Centos 5 to a Centos 6 machine.
My 2 options were to convert the tinydns zones in BIND format and use this which comes by default in EL6 or install djbdns on the machine.
I really was not looking forward to "make, make install" sessions, but also converting the djbdns data was not very appealing - luckily though there's a fork of djbdns in Fedora nowadays called "ndjbdns" (new djbdns) which is fully compatible with the original implementation! All I had to do was to install it move the "data" and "Makefile" files over in /etc/ndjbdns/ and run "make".

The Fedora SRPM is quite RHEL/EL friendly so building it for Centos 6 was a breeze! You can find the RPMS in my nux-misc repo. Enjoy!