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Yet another DnsCurve implementation:
We are happy to announce the first forwarding DNSCurve solution: CurveDNS.

With CurveDNS you are able to transform any authoritative name server in
a DNSCurve capable one. This is done by acting as a kind of proxy, i.e.
listening to DNS or DNSCurve queries and forwarding the non-protected
variants towards the real (existing) name server. The responses are then
send back to the client either protected (if the query was in DNSCurve)
or not.

In short, CurveDNS supports:
* Forwarding of regular (non-protected) DNS packets;
* Unboxing of DNSCurve queries and forwarding the regular DNS packets
* Boxing of regular DNS responses to DNSCurve responses;
* Both DNSCurve's streamlined- and TXT-format;
* Caching of shared secrets;
* Both UDP and TCP;
* Both IPv4 and IPv6.

This entire project is based on a master thesis named 'Shaping DNS
Security with Curves — A Comparative Security Analysis of DNSSEC and
DNSCurve', you can find this thesis at the CurveDNS website too.

Interested? More information, documentation, et cetera can be found at
the CurveDNS website: