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Russian Fedora and EL6

Just stumbled upon and I'm amazed. There's a lot of really interesting web sites and projects in the cyrillic part of the internet, too bad I don't speak Russian (had an attempt when I was younger, but failed miserably).
Anyway, these guys are quite cool, not only do they build their own Russian remix of Fedora, but they also make a remix of EL6 (unlike Stella, theirs is based on SL6, not Centos6) and apparently they have quite a large collection of RPMs. Really nice stuff!
Here are some links:
- Russian Fedora Remix:
- Russian EL6 (SL6) Remix:

The installation images default to Russian language, but can be easily switched to other languages so feel free to give it a go!

From Russia with love: a new RHEL clone

What a nice surprise today to learn about a new RHEL clone!
The russians behind ROSA Labs (the same people who build ROSA Linux) have come up with a testing rebuild of RHEL, "imaginatively" called RELS, "ROSA Enterprise Linux Server".
There are rumours the "Russian Fedora" community is also involved.

I hope this clone will move out of testing and into proper production. I'm so bored with Centos and ScientificLinux. :-)

More info here:

PS: Got in touch with them and they specified:
We've already done some additions:
1) we've ported Mandriva Directory Server, Mandriva Setup Server and Mandriva Management Console to RHEL6 basis;
2) we provide pretty minimal LXDE Desktop (we're the first who build LXDE for RHEL6-compatible distributions);

All our additions come to "extra" repository, 
while "base" mainly consists of RHEL6 packages to provide 100% binary compatibility.