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Entries from August 2013.

Star Trek is so very much current - "I don't like what we've become"

I was watching the other day Star Trek TNG, "The Drumhead" episode and I just couldn't believe how current their problems are
(I'm talking about the whole ACTA/Surveillance/Spy/Censor the internet stuff and not only).

Enjoy a bunch of scences and some epic acting from Patrick Stewart below:

I highly recommend you watch the whole episode (and the whole series). :-)

Mailpile - taking e-mail back

Just stumbled upon Mailpile and I love the idea behind it.
It's basically modern, beautiful, functional webmail software that wants to take on GMail and the likes while providing the same quality features and more (e.g. PGP).
Feel free to support them here:

Non-ergonomic ergonomic keyboards

After many years of extensive computer use my body is starting to complain through various pains in various places.

I have looked into investing in appropriate, ergonomic equipment and having bought a Steel Case chair, I'm now looking for a good, ergonomic keyboard and am really disappointed with my findings.

Virtually all sub-£100 keyboards that I found are sporting a bad design. Observe this Microsoft keyboard (like all Microsoft keyboards):

Have you noticed it yet?

It's the numpad. It's too big and should not exist. I don't care about the numpad, I can use the other numeric keys.
It should not exist because in order to use the mouse my hand needs to move 20-40 cm, back and forth and back and forth, countless times per day. This is not good for my aching hand.

99% of the so called ergonomic keyboards have this problem. The ones that do not are the Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic Contoured Keyboard and the Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard (there may be others that I missed), but they are quite expensive.

I wonder, what would happen to that keyboard if you physically cut off the numpad?

PS: And of course, this has been tried already, successfully! I really like the Truly Ergonomic, but I think I'll try the cheap way first and see how it goes. :-)