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Good bye, PLF

We say good bye to one of the last remnants of the old Mandrake world.

Several days ago Guillaume Rousse announced the PLF project that has provided qood quality RPMs for Mandrake/Mandriva for so many years is officially dead.

Hello, dear PLF mignons.

The last package release announcement is now 15 month old, and the last message posted on -discuss mailing-list list is 18 month old, so it's quite safe to consider PLF project officialy dead now. 
As is moving to a new server, I'd prefer to avoid useless efforts such as migrating unused resources...

At the end of the week, all project mailing-list will be closed, and the package repository set read-only. The web site, and the mailing-list archives will stay accessible at usual address.

It was a great adventure, thanks you for your support.

It was indeed a great adventure. So long and thanks for all the fish!