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Entries from January 2013.


Yesterday I needed to migrate a very old dns server running djbdns/tinydns on Centos 5 to a Centos 6 machine.
My 2 options were to convert the tinydns zones in BIND format and use this which comes by default in EL6 or install djbdns on the machine.
I really was not looking forward to "make, make install" sessions, but also converting the djbdns data was not very appealing - luckily though there's a fork of djbdns in Fedora nowadays called "ndjbdns" (new djbdns) which is fully compatible with the original implementation! All I had to do was to install it move the "data" and "Makefile" files over in /etc/ndjbdns/ and run "make".

The Fedora SRPM is quite RHEL/EL friendly so building it for Centos 6 was a breeze! You can find the RPMS in my nux-misc repo. Enjoy!

ZFS on CentOS

For those interested in running ZFS on EL6 via kmods, I snatched and updated the kmods in PUIAS. Testing so far has been _minimal_ (beware, Selinux needs to be in permissive mode or disabled altogether). Any feedback welcome.
Installation is very easy:
wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d/
yum --enablerepo=nux-zfs install kmod-spl kmod-zfs zfs spl zfs-dracut
modprobe zfs

See you at FOSDEM 2013

See you at FOSDEM!