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Entries from November 2012.

ROSA Enterprise Linux Server "Helium" 2012

So after a period of silence after their test edition ROSA has finally announced a final release for RELS:
Main advantages of ROSA Enterprise Linux Server "Helium" 2012:

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 package base.
    Centralized management of user accounts.
    Web-based administration and configuration interface.
    High scalability.
    Support for Windows and Linux clients.
    Improved data and service security by means of strong user authorization with "Single SignOn" possibility.
    Easy integration with existing corporate networks.
    A ready-to-use basis for deploying cloud solutions.

Download from here:


Long Term supported kernel in ElRepo for RHEL and the clones

The good people at just announced on their blog that in addition to the kernel-ml, tracking the current mainline kernel, we now also have kernel-lt (!!!) tracking the current long term supported mainline kernel.

So if you feel like going a bit more bleeding edge, but not too much, then kernel-lt is for you!

En Lefko Radio

En Lefko has slowly but surely took over the radio in our house. It's a Greek station and when they talk I don't understand a bit, luckily they keep the chatter to a minimum.

Really few ads, no news breaks and THE BEST MUSIC YOU'VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE! You won't be disappointed.