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Entries from September 2012.

Some webmasters are idiots

Kindly notice that not only he includes crap from half the internet, but he also managed to trigger Noscript's XSS alerts. Thanks Firefox and Giorgio Maone for protecting me from the retardedness of the web; this is by no means a rare case unfortunately.

From Russia with love: a new RHEL clone

What a nice surprise today to learn about a new RHEL clone!
The russians behind ROSA Labs (the same people who build ROSA Linux) have come up with a testing rebuild of RHEL, "imaginatively" called RELS, "ROSA Enterprise Linux Server".
There are rumours the "Russian Fedora" community is also involved.

I hope this clone will move out of testing and into proper production. I'm so bored with Centos and ScientificLinux. :-)

More info here:

PS: Got in touch with them and they specified:
We've already done some additions:
1) we've ported Mandriva Directory Server, Mandriva Setup Server and Mandriva Management Console to RHEL6 basis;
2) we provide pretty minimal LXDE Desktop (we're the first who build LXDE for RHEL6-compatible distributions);

All our additions come to "extra" repository, 
while "base" mainly consists of RHEL6 packages to provide 100% binary compatibility.