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Entries from August 2012.

Faith in humanity restored

18 minutes of bliss. Music is by far the best, greatest, most wonderful thing humanity ever managed to come up with. RPM repo updated with 3.6.0

The Document Foundation has released today version 3.6.0 of it's office suite.

It has also landed in my repository, however there is a small problem: the 3.6 RPMs do not naturally obsolete/update the 3.5 ones; after "yum update" does it's job you should manually remove the 3.5 RPMs:
yum remove libreoffice3.5\* libobasis3.5\*
Unless, of course you want to run both versions in parallel. :-)

Are your politicians for sale? (I know mine are)

Story here.

Hackitat - a film about political hacktivism world-wide

Help making this film by spreading the word and/or donating.

ntop: service not configured, run ntop manually

So today after creating an ntop rpm package for EL6 I wanted to test this program.

After "yum install" I naturally tried "service ntop start" but only to get this:
Starting ntop: service not configured, run ntop manually

Of course, the service was not "configured" - by this ntop means that there is no admin password set for the web interface. To set a password you only need to do this:
ntop --set-admin-password=reallyBadpassword

After this ntop will start just fine. Enjoy!