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Get Broadcom BCM43xx WIFI working in Centos6/ScientificLinux6/RHEL6

While working on my Centos desktop remix Stella, I've noticed many people own laptops with BCM43xx wifi chips that raise a lot of issues.
I've finally managed to get my hands on a laptop with such a wifi card and find a solution. This is really easy, just grab and install the b43-firmware RPM from here:
I also keep a copy here:
If you have my repo nux-dextop installed or if you use Stella you should already have this package installed. Stella BUILD16 ISOs contains it as well.
Let me know if you run into issues; this package may not be able to help everyone though, if problems persist you can try to ask for help on the ElRepo mailing lists. Also, make sure to have conflicting packages (such as kmod-wl) removed beforehand.