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Entries from May 2012.

Please die, SURBL

Thank you, SURBL for sending me A ZILLION REPORTS FOR 1 SINGLE ISSUE, thank you very much, you are worse than the spammers.
Also thank you for having no phone number, no contact email address, no functional mailing lists where I can report this shit.

Please either implement some counters so you don't end up ABUSING abuse addresses or just do the world a favour and FSCK OFF AND DIE!

Generating delta RPMs in EL6

man createrepo
Check the "--deltas" switch. :-) RPMs repo updated

Hello, yesterday The Document Foundation released LibreOffice 3.5.3, today - after a quick test - this version is also available in my repo.
Soo.. if you're using it, give it a good yum update :-)

You will notice I also generated delta RPMs, unfortunately the effect is less spectacular than I hoped.. the download size is not reduced much. Oh well, at least I tried.

O'Reilly on DRM

"DRM seems a bit like a Neanderthal dragging its knuckles rather than using its larger brain and brawn to move forward and past stuff that did not help the species evolve. As an industry we need to evolve past the archaic DRM that's retarding growth and innovation in our industry. New DRM technologies are not innovation, they are a Neanderthal-like reaction. We need distribution innovation. We need learning science innovation. We need total immersion with content innovation."

Liked that? More here.

Rosa Marathon 2012 LTS Review

Just found out that my friend Florin has written a few words about Rosa 2012 this week, I know Marathon is not yet released officially (he was messing with the dev snapshots), but it's worth a read. If you're following Mandriva related stuff this might be of interest:

Ffmpeg static builds

Thanks to burek on #ffmpeg@freenode for providing static builds of ffmpeg. Sometimes you just need to quickly convert some files and you can't be bothered with installing a whole multimedia suite, especially on a server machine. Find the link below.

Just download, untar and execute. :)

Stellar refreshments

Hello there!
I've made some new builds of Stella. There's nothing dramatic about them, still based on CentOS 6.2 + updates.
The one thing more remarkable is the NONPAE build for people with CPU's that are not PAE capable. This build uses only the NONPAE Elrepo kernel v3.
Notice I replaced the "TEST" suffix - which was putting off some people - with "BUILD".

More info and download links in the forums:


Still heart-broken after Remmina's desertion to GTK3, I kept looking for a replacement and I think I found it: PAC.
It seems quite a featureful application and we're also promised FreeRDP support in the next version.

PAC wants to be a SecureCRT equivalent in Linux and it does indeed sport quite a number of features. You can read more on the author's homepage:

If you're running my Centos remix Stella - or just Centos with my nux-dextop repo installed you should be able to just install the project's RPM and have the dependencies satisfied automatically. Download for 32 and 64 bit here:


ROSA 2012 LTS released

And at last the russians of Rosalabs have announced the final release of ROSA 2012 LTS, codenamed Marathon!

Read more about it HERE.

Download from here:

If you want a modern, good looking, KDE based distro that is supported for the next 5 years then ROSA is for you.
If you're a Mandrake/Mandriva fan, like me, then ROSA is for you, too. :-)
This page explains more about what ROSA brings to the table:

Stella 6.2 BUILD16

Hello, the other day I've released a new build of Stella with some fixes for Broadcom WiFi (b43) and VLC.
Announcement and download link here:


Get Broadcom BCM43xx WIFI working in Centos6/ScientificLinux6/RHEL6

While working on my Centos desktop remix Stella, I've noticed many people own laptops with BCM43xx wifi chips that raise a lot of issues.
I've finally managed to get my hands on a laptop with such a wifi card and find a solution. This is really easy, just grab and install the b43-firmware RPM from here:
I also keep a copy here:
If you have my repo nux-dextop installed or if you use Stella you should already have this package installed. Stella BUILD16 ISOs contains it as well.
Let me know if you run into issues; this package may not be able to help everyone though, if problems persist you can try to ask for help on the ElRepo mailing lists. Also, make sure to have conflicting packages (such as kmod-wl) removed beforehand. RPMs repo updated with 3.5.4

The Document Foundation released LibreOffice 3.5.4, today - after a quick test - this version is also available in my repo.
Soo.. if you're using it, give it a good yum update :-)