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Entries from March 2012.

Russian Fedora and EL6

Just stumbled upon and I'm amazed. There's a lot of really interesting web sites and projects in the cyrillic part of the internet, too bad I don't speak Russian (had an attempt when I was younger, but failed miserably).
Anyway, these guys are quite cool, not only do they build their own Russian remix of Fedora, but they also make a remix of EL6 (unlike Stella, theirs is based on SL6, not Centos6) and apparently they have quite a large collection of RPMs. Really nice stuff!
Here are some links:
- Russian Fedora Remix:
- Russian EL6 (SL6) Remix:

The installation images default to Russian language, but can be easily switched to other languages so feel free to give it a go!

Disable DNS caching in Firefox

Many times I have noticed Firefox spends quite a while "looking up" stuff when on the same system other programs are a lot faster to resolve.
Now I think I have found the culprit, actually Manu has found it:
Firefox seems to mantain its own DNS cache which apparently, contrary to its purpose, can slow things down if your ISP provides fast resolving server or if you run your own locally.
Anyway, this is the case for me so I followed Manu's advice and disabled DNS caching in Firefox and as a result average browsing experience does seem faster. How about that ...

The Linux desktop is just fine

<< Today I read this rant about how the Linux desktop is not free enough. I almost stopped at the first sentence but still read on. I have to comment on a few things, but of course I don't have a google+ account, it's not free enough.

Desktop Linux Owns Too Many Apps

Ingo Molnar says: Desktop Linux distributions are trying to "own" 20 thousand application packages consisting of over a billion lines of code and have created parallel, mostly closed ecosystems around them. Not really, distributions maintain packages and you are always free to join discussions with most package maintainers/distributions, it's often easier than you think (mailing, IRC, etc) and mostly doesn't require creating an account with google. If your distribution isn't open enough, change. >>

The rest here.

Awesome trance internet radio station