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Entries from December 2010.

Best optical illusion

I finally managed to recover images from the long lost blog of Beranger. I'll put them here as I believe it's one of the best optical illusions I've ever seen.

Yup, the hearts have the exact same colour, although it does not appear so. Don't be afraid to fire up Gimp and compare the colours if you do not believe me.

25 sick linux commands

Something that just got into my bookmarks folder:

Hetzner quality

Every now and again I am amazed with the services Hetzner provide. Their automated platform is awesome.
You basically do not need to contact their technical support unless dealing with faulty hardware.

PowerAdmin 2.1.5 Released

And the final release of 2.1.5 is here:
Poweradmin 2.1.5

A new version of Poweradmin has been released: 2.1.5. This is mainly a bug fix / minor enhancement release.

Various bugs found in RC1.
Enhancements/new features:

    * #34 added ability to delete multiple zones at once
    * #399 installer now creates correct table types (InnoDB or MyISAM)
    * #359 implemented bulk registration of zones 

Please read the 2.1.5 release notes when you are about to install or upgrade to Poweradmin 2.1.5

You can download Poweradmin 2.1.5 from the download page.

If you have comments or suggestions, please send them to the mailinglist! Any help is appreciated.

Isusarad 'elir

That'd be "Merry Christmas" in Elvish.

Cute bunnies!