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Entries from October 2010.

Change the default source address in Linux

Quick note to my future self on how to change the default source address in Linux (usually the 1st IP that resides on the primary NIC):
ip ro replace default via GATEWAY src IP
Where GATEWAY is the default gateway of the system and IP is the new source IP address (this has to be an existing assigned IP).

Newer kernel for Centos

Want to try the latest kernel on a Centos server? Although that is highly unadvisable, in the desperate and cataclismic event that you really need it, do not forget to enable CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2, otherwise you'll end up in a kernel panic.
Thanks Toracat for the tip!

Ubuntu + Empathy + Intl = fail


What's with TurkTelecom and gays?


Random password generator

Because my fingers don't provide enough entropy.

Centerim fixes and repo

The team finally released a new version of their IM client which fixes the annoying Yahoo disconnection bug that had been plaguing the application for almost 1 year.
There is a known problem with Yahoo connectivity. We believe it is fixed in 
Please test and report back. Thanks.
More action can be seen in their bugzilla.
For Centos/RHEL/ScientificLinux users I have started mantaining a repository:
wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/nux-centerim.repo
(EPEL repo may be required to install some stuff - e.g. gpgme).

PS: Yes, I am aware EPEL includes Centerim, actually my RPM is based on their specfile, but their version is outdated.