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Reveal a Remmina stored password

Tags: howto

Date: 20220121

Remmina is a very handy Linux tool for RDP/VNC/etc.

On one occasion I needed to retrieve a password stored in it, however the UI only showed it as asterisks (***), without the ability to reveal the clear text version.
Turns out there's a nifty little tool that can query the key ring and get the password for us: secret-tool - part of the libsecret package on my distro.

Here's an example

~]$ secret-tool search key password --all
label = Remmina: test1 - password
secret = R4nd0mP4$$w0rD <<===
created = 2022-01-20 14:02:50
modified = 2022-01-20 14:02:50
schema = org.remmina.Password
attribute.filename = /home/user/.local/share/remmina/Windows_test1_127.0.0.10.remmina
attribute.key = password

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