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How to reset the Cloudstack UI admin password

Tags: howto,cloudstack

Date: 20220311

Sometimes we forget the admin password to log in the Cloudstack web UI.

I don't know of a simpler method, so here's how to do it directly in the cloud database.

The following will change the admin password to "password" which is quite insecure, obviously, so make sure to change it quickly.

mysql -uroot -p

use cloud;

update user set password='HZvedsK9aWmQj8iK9ouH+yiueNzJj7FOihqvSOq0UYpAP3m4yxoFQzE9wIRFQQKBR1QbT+yLU6hlzdrkv5j2Rw==:SI7tjpIFDNVpYTMyxCWgd+1XWfhj7ra0lQtM6xwI1sKQGb6sDNoGkQo8LsAdlUJovl5DR0axYDdvHK/Knt+a1w==:100000' where username="admin";

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