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How to enable DEBUG mode in Cloudstack logs

Tags: howto,cloudstack

Date: 20220414

Sometimes when working on a Cloudstack problem we need extra verbosity in the logs.

To set the logs to DEBUG level we need to change the log4j config file and restart the service.

In order to do this on a management server, these are the steps - obviously, if you have more than 1 management server, you need to do it on all of them.

sed -i 's/INFO/DEBUG/g' /etc/cloudstack/management/log4j-cloud.xml

service cloudstack-management restart

To do this on a hypervisor server, do the following. KVM only btw, no need to do anything if you use VMWare or Xen/XCP-ng.

sed -i 's/INFO/DEBUG/g' /etc/cloudstack/agent/log4j-cloud.xml

service cloudstack-agent restart

PS: For an even more detailed level of logging you can use TRACE instead of DEBUG, however this is rarely needed.
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