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Better fonts in Fedora (35)

Tags: howto, fedora, fonts

Fedora GNU/Linux already comes with pretty decent fonts, but if you want to have a bit better looking ones (de gustibus) then here's one way of doing it:

sudo dnf copr enable dawid/better_fonts -y
sudo dnf install fontconfig-font-replacements -y
sudo dnf install fontconfig-enhanced-defaults -y
fc-cache -v

Maybe also log out and back in, for good measure.

If it turns out you don't like it, it's easily reverted:

sudo dnf copr disable dawid/better_fonts -y
sudo dnf remove fontconfig-font-replacements -y
sudo dnf remove fontconfig-enhanced-defaults -y
fc-cache -v

(c)The Nux(tm) ;-)

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